Ecoknit Snag Free Quick Drying Towels - White

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The Ecoknit towels are the most technically advanced, energy efficient terry towels in the world today!


- Ecoknit towels dry up to 40% faster: they are dry and ready to use much quicker.

Ecoknit towels last 2 to 3 times longer than your current towels: it means you don't have to throw them away as often.... great news for the environment!

- Ecoknit towels are snag free and virtually indestructible: the loops cannot come loose and the towel cannot fall to pieces. Ecoknit towels are so strong that the hems and the selvedges will not fray - no matter how many times they are washed! Ecoknit towels are so strong and durable, you can brush them with a wire brush!

-Ecoknit towels bring luxury to your home: they have 80% of the overall weight of the towel in the pile, thereby giving you a longer, softer pile which provides a more luxurious feel and finish.

-Ecoknit towels have exceptional colourfastness: wash the white towels to 95°c and couloured ones to 70°c.


Also available in charcoal